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KADK Afgang: Synchronized re-use; Room of exchange and resources

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A place of objects, where shopping and craftsmanship cultures act together, creating a new type of space, that challenges the habits of consuming. ‘Synchronized re-use’ is a proposal for alternative way of shopping, where the experience of materiality and object re-use is a central point, placed in a heterogeneous and divers Nørrebro Haraldsgade neighbourhood in Copenhagen.

facade fragment

The project investigates the changing consumption patterns and expanding community initiatives. Incentives to consume are embedded in our everyday lives. Promoting spending and throwing away culture. Moreover with consumer obsolescence and a great change in shopping culture comes a need for constant upgrade and a wish to be satisfied and entertained.




The building combines the market of reclaimed materials with the makers’ workshops. The process of buying is in a close connection with process of making. The building it self is re-used old industrial warehouse in Rovsingsgade, inhabiting the new functions and offering a raw materiality atmosphere. The significant interior space element becomes the existing concrete structure, working as a shelf for the new architectural components, that are layered between the slabs. The materials of the building taken down during the process of creating new spaces are re-used again in the project as much as possible. By making ‘oversized, misplaced’ cuts in the existing facades, the intervention aims to create a new contemporary identity of the building and frame the activities of the inside, at the same time leaving the original industrial character. In the urban context the project acts as a new attraction point in the continues belt of public spaces.

The project is an incentive for material consciousness and re-use in human level, by providing alternatives.

material flow in the building1

outside x2

scenario 1-01


[This diploma project won one of the big prizes across the school – the Duravit prize]

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