KADK Afgang, Studieprojekt

KADK Afgang: Developing lustre; the transformation of Kähler fabrik


Project by Beth Johnson (website) from the programme Spatial Design, Perception and Detail

Awarded the Henny and Johan Richter scholarship:
     “In this summer of 2015, the award is given to Elisabeth Johnson for her unique and highly innovative work in collaboration with the ceramicist Bente Skjottgaard. During the development of her thesis project, a transformation of the listed Kähler factory in Næstved, Elisabeth has worked with Bente to create a new form of lustre glazing the result of their collaboration was used in the design transformation.”


The transformation of the listed Kähler factory in Naestved addresses the current socio-political issue of design production in Denmark; by providing a new collaborative design workshop, artists are brought together allowing skills and designs to be shared. The aim is to rejuvenate the factory by engaging the qualities of production that made traditional Danish design so successful.

The project has a material and detail focus, experimenting with the original processes and techniques to develop the design of a unique and authentic architectural ceramic element to be used in the design transformation. Ceramic glazes were developed in a unique and interdisciplinary collaboration with the ceramicist Bente Skjottgaard.


The focus on the material design of the building allows the architect to have complete control over this side of the design process. The project therefore also responds to the current socio issue of why architects no longer design their own materials, if we take back this control then surely this will allow for an overall richer design.

The architectural intervention is a response to the needs and processes of a ceramic artist, inspired by the original use of the factory by the Kähler family. The intervention becomes the machine for the building, providing both function and form.



Du kan desuden læse mere om projektet og se andre afgangsprojekter på KADK

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