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KADK Afgang: Agripuncture Community Center in Maputo


Agripuncture Community Center in Maputo’s informal settlements

A disaster risk reduction strategy for flood prone areas

Most of the upgrading strategies till now adopted were mainly on favor of top down methods through mass housing, slum demolition and relocation of the people at the outskirts of the cities, generating on long term dramatic social and economic insecurity.

Site upgrading strategies, on the other hand, do not directly involve housing provision, focusing instead on providing public infrastructures. “Urban agripuncture” suggests some ways to reactivate the most vulnerable parts of the city through local agriculture interventions, generating several small close self-sustainable loops within the urban tissue.


The project is located in Polana Canico, one of the most underserved, poverty-stricken areas of the Informal part of Maputo, Mozambique. Erosion and mudslides have defined the site as one of the many High-Risk zones in the city.

The intervention aims to transform this void into a catalyst productive zone: the terraced landscape deals with the vulnerable topography preventing further erosion, turning the site into a platform that encourages community participation.

The Center includes urban agriculture, educational infrastructures, a dormitory for local street children, a sport field, water storages and hygienical facilities: it is meant as a conceptual prototype to be adopted to address other high risk zones and moreover to encourage critical discussion on future development strategies for the Global South.

Graduate Project by Martina Rubino


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