Sommerskole: Greenhouse Guerrilla Workshop, Holland

From the 20th till the 27th of July the greenhouse guerrilla workshop will take place in Groningen NL

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As in the former editions of our International Summer School*NL.D.DK this is an active, scale 1:1, on site workshop (more visual info on the international Summer School to be found on the Facebook page). Subject is the re-use of approx. 80 steel framed windows and steel doors at the so called RKZ.
The RKZ is the former Catholic Hospital in Groningen that was squatted 40 Years ago as the biggest squad in the Netherlands. Since then the RKZ has become an instable/stable factor in the Groningen alternative scene. Nowadays more than 250 People live at the RKZ, there is a guesthouse, a restaurant, bar, stage, a cinema and all kind of enterprises.
Over the last years the RKZ garden has gradually turned in to a green oasis. During the workshop a design will be made for a green house, to be built in this RKZ garden. As you can guess the idea is to re-use the steel framed windows – leftovers from a major building restoration in the last months- , for this greenhouse. In the workshop -being a building workshop- we are not only going to design but are actually going to build the greenhouse, on site, in an Amish style, pressure cooking action.

On site we can make use of the very well-equipped metal- and wood workshop, welding equipment is available at the RKZ and of course the people from the RKZ will participate in the project.
The first week of September the 40th anniversary of the RKZ will be celebrated with a 3 days festival, the official opening of the Greenhouse will be during this festival.
Hope to meet you in Groningen!
Michel Melenhorst, Professor at Detmolder Schule für Architektur und Innenarchitektur
For questions on the Summerschool contact: Troels Rugbjerg:
greenhouse guerrilla workshop
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