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Sprout: Sat-lab #1


Utilising existing potentials. How do we adapt and design urban spaces and buildings that encourage physical movement? Find out on this first full-day ‘Saturday-Lab’ workshop for Sprout participants.

When new urban areas and buildings are developed, typically we start from scratch. But what would happen if we instead utilised existing buildings, spaces and resources? On this first full-day ‘Saturday-Lab’ Sprout-participants from different disciplines will collaborate to develop new concepts for exploring and exploiting the city’s non-spaces.


Søren Nordal Enevoldsen, Architect MAA and Founder of SNE Architects
Søren will be our guide through the process of identifying unexploited potentials hidden in cities’ junk spaces. Apart from working as an architect, Søren has been a passionate skater for several years and he therefore takes a special interest in finding new spaces to explore and utilise.

Christopher Nielsen, engineer, teacher and co-founder of the workshop ‘Vrkstedet Maker Spaces’
Christopher will lead and inspire our work with prototyping our own concepts aimed at urban development. Previously, Christopher worked with windfarm development all over Europe and now he is a passionate ‘Maker’, a digital manufacturing teacher at KEA and the owner of the largest member based maker space in the city. The long-term aim of the Lab is to identify places and spaces that possess a beauty of their own while simultaneously challenging our perception of these and the way we use them. Our environment should encourage us to challenge our interaction with urban settings – this is a key factor in creating social sustainability.

10:00 AM: Introduction to methodology, tools and inspiration
11:00 AM: City safari by bike
12:30 PM: Lunch
1:00 PM: Site analysis
2:00 PM: Concept development
4:00 PM: Prototype workshop
7:30 PM: Vernisage
8:00 PM: Chill out & beers

Dato og sted: 04 juni kl. 09-21

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